Jock Samson is definitely one of my favorite pro-wrestler in the indy circuit. He knows how to cut a promo and he’s just a joy to watch. He does a good job in making you both love and hate him. It’s hard for me to hate on him as he’s just ridiculously handsome… Anyway, this is his promo for Deaf Wrestlefest. I’ve never heard of that, but it’s awesome that there’s a specific wrestling show for the deaf. Pretty cool. But check out Jock Samson doing his awesome thing. Specifically at the :24 mark where he talked about folks touching Jock Samson’s arm, Jock Samson’s beeeaaauuutiful beard, and Jock Samson’s beautiful body. Gosh. He’s probably not even aware as to how just erotically-charged that part was!


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  2. warningmaycontainpenis said: Sounds like he’s encouraging people to come touch him. I’m ok with that.
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