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Remember when the time I said I wanted to try and make a picture like this? Well here’s my Asian-ified version of it :X It’s very hard to set a tripod to make it low enough to show your butt and not have your gigantic head covering it.. @_@

I held off on posting these because I didn’t know which one was the best (because I only wanted to post one..) but opinions varied so here are all of them. :X 

Which one do you guys like the best?

I personally love the first one followed by the fifth one. The second one is centered so, aesthetically, it looks good and proper. :) However, I tend to like the third one because your cute face is very focused on the photo. So, actually, #3 is my favorite, so I just changed my mind. The fourth one is my least favorite only because the camera is far from the seductive subject. :)

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